Fugitive Pieces: The Songs Artbook

We’re thrilled to present our first project. It’s an e-book created and published for singer-songwriter Martin Page. The book is called Fugitive Pieces: The Songs ArtBook and is a companion piece to the album, Fugitive Pieces, which he released earlier this year.

Fugitive Pieces is a very personal and special album for Martin, written over the span of just a few days. Martin used the songs as a way to connect with his past and it has become a fan favorite second to his first hit solo album, “In the House of Stone and Light.”

In that same vein, artist David J. Knight, “Painter of the Senses” as he’s called by Martin, created a stunning companion piece to the album. Filled with photos from Martin’s collection as well as original art pieces by David, we are very proud of this project, and hope you will enjoy it as well.

Available at: AmazonBarnes & NobleAppleKoboVivlio

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