Who We Are

WhirlWhirl publishes specific art and text-based explorations, and is comprised of David J. Knight, and Vanessa Leavitt. Started in 2021, WhirlWhirl not only seeks to publish new and interesting work, but also create a community with other artists of all backgrounds and interests. You can join our Facebook group HERE.

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David J. Knight (A Single Voice) is a visual and sound artist, author, and archaeologist; who is named by Martin Page as his “Painter of the Senses”.

Here are a few of David’s publications:

King Lucius of Britain (Historical Biography)

Guelph Versifiers of the 19th Century (A collection of poems written by Guelphites in the 19th Century)

The German’s Tale (a new edition of John Galt’s work)

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V.R. Leavitt is an author, social media manager, and contributing writer to Orlando Informer.

Here is a link to Vanessa’s ebook 5 Tales of Transformation

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